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Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Characters: Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell, M&M
Rating: G
Takes place during the time when Kevin was dating Jason, who has just gone away to build a school somewhere on the other side of the world. And Kevin's ex-boyfriend Scotty is on the dance floor.

The boy is mine

- Your date?
- Yeah. No, I mean, we’re just friends. My boyfriend’s…away.
- Just checking, you know.
- Sure.
- He’s cute.
- Yes, I guess.
Kevin took a swig from his beer bottle, discreetly eyeing the other man standing beside him at the bar.
- He’s good on the dance floor, the other man said. Top or bottom?
- Um, what?
- Does he bottom? I bet he’s a great bottom.

Oh, right. The coin dropped and Kevin laughed to himself. He had forgotten about this, the negotiation, the surveying. “What do you want to do? Where do we go? I don’t care about your name. See you again never.”

It felt cheap, but he remembered the thrill of the chase or perhaps more so, the thrill of the catch. Going home with a stranger, exploring each other’s bodies, finding temporary release, no strings attached.

But he had a boyfriend now, even though Jason was far away doing god-knows-what in the jungle somewhere. Kevin was going steady with a priest, it was like his favourite fantasy coming true. Except maybe that one about a sweaty, muscular handyman who just happened to come round to fix the faucet in the kitchen and...yeah.

Kevin shook his head and looked out over the dance floor. Scotty was dancing with a cute Hispanic guy in a tight, black tank top, a wide smile on his face. And Kevin remembered when that smile had been just for him and how it had filled him with a warm glow inside.

- This song’s great, don’t you think? said the man beside him. I’m Steve, by the way.
- Yeah, it’s a…hi, Kevin…nice song.
- It sounds a lot like that J-Lo song, though, doesn’t it?
- The what?
- J-Lo.
- Oh. She’s good.
The conversation was out of sync or maybe he was a little drunk by now. Brandy, wasn’t that her name, the singer? He should probably go home before he got himself into trouble. Too much alcohol always made him horny and the old heat-seeking missile Kevin began rearing his ugly head.
- Yeah, well, said the man called Steve. Time to make a move, eh?
- Uh-huh, Kevin replied and finished his bottle.

On the dance floor Scotty, oblivious to the conversation, flashed his smile in Kevin’s direction. Kevin raised his empty bottle in greeting and watched as Steve moved in to swoop up his prey.

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