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Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Pairing: Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell, M/M
Rating: G, no sex or swearing, just smoochy fluff.

Dancing together

And I-I-I-I-I will always love you-o-o-o-o-o….
The radio on the kitchen counter began wailing an old familiar melody.
- Oh, my god! It’s our song! Scotty exclaimed.
- Is it? This is our song?
- My God, Kevin! I’m joking!
- Oh.
Kevin breathed a sigh of relief. Not that he had anything against Whitney per se, but really, you have to have some standards. It was just a bit over-the-top gay and besides, why would this song…?

Scotty, who had absent-mindedly been slicing a cucumber, stopped mid-movement and turned to Kevin:
- Do you mean you don’t remember our song?
- No, of course I do!
- Kevin?
- Yes, what?
- What is our song?
- Do we have to talk about this now?
- Yes. You don’t remember!
- I do too. You just caught me off guard.
- So what is it then? Scotty playfully pointed the knife at Kevin and affected a fake German accent. Zpill ze beans, you traitor!
- Don’t wave that around in my face, Kevin retorted and hopped off the bar stool by the kitchen counter.
- Aw, come one, Kev! Come back here. I was only joking. So what if you don’t remember. Where are you going?
Scotty stopped in his tracks as he saw Kevin throw on his jacket and fish up the keys from the table by the door.
- I have to go to Justin’s and pick up some stuff, Kevin mumbled.
- No you don’t!
- Yes, I do.
- Kevin! Wait! It doesn’t matter if…
But the door had already closed, leaving a baffled Scotty standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

In the car, Kevin turned on the radio. It was set to the station Nora’s talk show was usually on, but right now a male voice was reading out stock market statistics. Kevin pushed the button to search for the next available station: country music. No, square dance and hillbillies: wrong. He pushed the button again: oh, that new Shakira song! He let it play until it ended and a new, unfamiliar song started playing. Another push of the button: more country music. How many country music stations were there in the state of California?

During the short drive, made twice as long by the endless LA traffic chaos, he managed to search through at least 10 different stations. None of them gave him a clue as to what Their Song could possibly be and now he was parking his car outside Justin’s place. To be honest, going to Justin’s was a lame excuse and he knew it. Scotty knew it too. Why on earth had he acted so irrationally over a song anyway? It’s not as if it was really important.

Oh, but it was important, because he couldn’t remember it and it drove him crazy and he knew Scotty would pretend to not care, but really he did and –

- Hey, bro’!
Justin was standing on the outside of the car, knocking on the glass, cutting short Kevin’s internal dialogue. He wound down the car window.
- Hi, Justin! I was just coming round to…get that…er…the thing…
- Did you have a fight with Scotty?
- No! Why would I…what?
- Ok, never mind then. Can you give me a lift back into town? I need to go to a meeting.
Justin hopped in and plonked down on the passenger seat next to Kevin.
- Yeah, sure. What…why are you going to a meeting? Are you ok?
- I’m fine, don’t worry. But I’m sponsoring this girl and she really needed support right now and Rebecca took the car to see her mom.
- Right. Of course. Yeah, I’ll drive you.

So Kevin found himself driving back the same way he had just come. This time he left the radio off, while Justin talked about the girl he was sponsoring and her issues with her dad and then something about a car accident and how she had called him late at night and they had talked and -

- Wait, what? Kevin suddenly exclaimed.
- What “what”? said Justin.
- That thing you just said, what did you say just now?
- I said I would come over and see her.
- Yes. That’s it. That’s it!
- What is?
- We’re here! Kevin chimed as he slowed down in front of the AA centre. You can repay me later, Kevin said as he reached across Justin and opened the passenger seat door.
- Ok, fine! I’m going, I’m going. Thanks for the ride!

Justin’s final words were cut short when Kevin quickly closed the door and swerved back out into the traffic to get back home again as quickly as possible. Running up the stairs he hoped Scotty hadn’t decided to leave already. To his relief he found Scotty quietly flipping through a magazine on the sofa when he opened the door.

- Kevin! he said and stood up. Listen, about earlier…
- Wait! Don’t move!
- Kevin, I’m sorry about earlier. It’s not important.
- No, wait! I know what it is.
Kevin rushed over to the record collection and began flipping frantically through the CD sleeves. Where is it? Where is it? There! Yes, of course, he smiled to himself and turned around towards Scotty.

- This one. This is our song.
Scotty looked at him and then at the record Kevin was holding out in front of him: on the cover Olivia Newton-John’s head against a backdrop of blue pool water. He nodded silently, a smile spreading across his face.
- Put it on, he said.

A solitary guitar intro, then some bass notes and Olivia’s crystal clear voice:
If my life gets like a jigsaw, with the pieces out of place, come on over, put a smile back on my face…

- Come on over, Scotty said, extending a hand towards Kevin and pulling him in. I know you hate dancing, but just this once, dance with me.

Hands intertwined, bodies close together they began moving in a slow circle in the middle of the living room.

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